Noni Fruit

Noni Island Herbals presents unique skin
care from nature, featuring Noni,a tropical
medicinal plant with miraculous healing

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Welcome to Noni Island Herbals


What is Noni?

Our products contain a special ingredient called
‘Noni’, known in the scientific world as “Morinda
citrifolia“. Some people have never heard of Noni,
especially those who live in northern climates.

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Welcome to Noni Island Herbals

Noni Island Herbals presents unique skin care from nature, featuring Noni, a tropical medicinal plant with miraculous healing powers. Noni is the ancient healing secret of the tropics.

Noni Island Herbals combines these ancient healing secrets with the therapeutic benefits of Aromatherapy to achieve optimal healing and naturally beautiful skin.  Noni encourages your body to heal naturally and gently without drugs or chemicals. Our signature product, Healing Oil of Noni was orginally created to treat muscle and joint pain, but what we found is that Noni does so much more! Topical appliction of our Noni oil will reduce inflammation, heal skin rashes from poison ivy, allergic reactions, eczema, psoriasis, and contact dermatitis. A small drop relieves itch and stings from insect bites, and a few drops in your shampoo will put an end to itchy flakey scalp, and make your hair glow.  Learn how you can harness the healing powers of Noni to achieve natural healing and ageless beauty with Noni Island Herbals unique line of Noni skin care products.

Highly esteemed by traditional healers of the South Pacific for over 2000 years, Noni is a medicinal plant that has stood the test of time.  Voyaging across treacherous seas, the ancient Polynesians carried plants and supplies vital for their survival in the new land.  The Noni plant, scientifically known as Morinda citrifolia, was one of the many “canoe plants” transported by the native Polynesians centuries ago on their long oceanic journey.  Because the Noni plant was so versatile, and all of the parts of the plant, including the fruit, leaves, stems, bark, and roots were used for many different aliments, it was one of the few healing plants chosen by these ancient people to make the long voyage.  The Noni plant was considered essential for survival, something the natives could not live without.  Introduced throughout the South Pacific centuries ago, Noni is beleived to have originated in Southeast Asia. Noni now grows prolifically on all the Hawaiian Islands, and has spread to other tropical coastal areas including the Caribbean and Central America.

Polynesian Migration Routes

Poltnesian Migration Routes

Voyaging to the far reaches of the South Pacific in search of new lands, the ancient Polynesians brought with them many plants vital to their survival. Noni was included as their main healing plant because the tree held the secrets for robust health and spontaneous healing. Considering the primitive canoes that carried these ancient people on their long oceanic journeys, these voyages were an amazing undertaking.​

Polynesians Canoes

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