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Noni Island Herbals was founded by Donna Greco, a physical therapist who sought out natural cures and holistic healing methods to help her patients recover from illness and injury when the medical industry failed them. “Many diseases and physical conditions of today stump medical science, and I knew there was more to health and healing than most people are aware, and much of it is right before our eyes, if only we would seek it”, Donna asserts. Donna makes use of herbs, tinctures, and aromatherapy and swears by homeopathy and holistic healing for health maintenence and many curative applications. Donna first learned about Noni while working as a physical therapist in the US Virgin Islands. When she asked her patients what they did to relieve their pain, many native islanders told her they slept on the Noni leaf. Having never heard of Noni before, she was perplexed by this, but the subject came up so often by so many of the native people that she felt she had to investigate this pain relieving plant. What she found was that the Noni Tree was known to the natives as the “Painkiller Tree”, and they wrapped the large leaves around painful joints and slept on it. They would place a large fresh picked Noni leaf on their painful back or shoulder, sleep with it in place, and the next day the pain would be gone.

This was incredible, so she had to try it. Working as a PT is strenuous on the back, so Donna snipped a large Noni Leaf off a tree growing nearby, and slept with the leaf stategically placed on her painful low back. The next morning to her amazement, there was absolutely no pain at all. She was astonished that this worked.

Donna Greco

She mentioned her experiment to a native woman who advised,  “Don’t sleep on the same leaf. Get a fresh one if you need it again”.  “Why?” Donna asked.  “The first time the leaf take pain away,” the woman said in her Caribbean accent.  “Use same leaf, it put pain back in.”  Interesting, Donna thought, and tried using the same leaf she slept on the night before just to test the theory.  And the woman was right! The next day the same pain was back!  Soon after, Donna was introduced to an Asian Noni master who transformed her beautiful property that was once a sugar planation of yesteryear into a thriving Noni forest. The woman confirmed the healing powers of Noni and her property was lush with tropical foliage, herbs, vegetables and of course, Noni trees. She cultivated every healing herb that grew on St Croix, and Donna was very impressed!  The two women bonded with their common interest in natural health and healing.  Looking around the property, one could see that it was a massive expansion of Noni trees, everywhere you looked, in every direction, all in different stages of growth.  Some were small bushes, others were enormous trees, one of which was referred to as the “Mother Tree”, an expansive Noni tree that had given rise to many of the trees dotting the landscape.  Donna was introduced to many of the healing applications using Noni, and learned that all parts of the plant have been used for different aliments for over the centuries.  The most intriguing lesson was that Noni had stood the test of time, having been used by ancient people for over 2000 years.  But the pain-reliving leaves were most interesting to Donna.  As a physical therapist, her goals for her patients were to decrease pain and inflammation, and the leaves of the Noni tree were widely known for this specific application. Together the two women healers from vastly different backgrounds came up with an idea to make an oil from the leaves of this miraculous healing tree.  Their goal was to make the incredible healing power of Noni available to everyone, not just those who happened to have a Noni tree growing in their backyard. It was time to reveal the benefits of this awesome healing tree to everyone, not just those who live in the tropics where this miraculous tree grows prolifically. Everyone needs to reap the rewards of Noni.  It was time to let the world know about a pain remedy that has been a tropical secret for far too long, and with that, the formulation of Healing Oil of Noni was born. Now the secret is out. Someday we may find this formulation of Healing Oil of Noni written on prescription pads of forward thinking doctors and health care practitioners.  And you won’t need a prescription, because it is all natural, has no side effects, and there are no preservatives or chemicals used in the process of creating Noni Oil.  Noni does contain nut oil, so for those who are allergic to nuts, please order the hypoallergenic version made with grapeseed oil.

Many Chiropractors and Naturopathic physicians are paving the way by recommending this incredible topical oil for their patients with painful muscles and joints. And there are so many other healing applications, some of which we hear about from our loyal customers who try it on everything from teenage acne to baby’s diaper rash, adults hemorrhoids and painful shingles! After testing the formulation, we found that Healing Oil of Noni heals skin irritations and rashes in record time, dries up and eliminates the itch from poison ivy, and has been successful clearing up eczema and psoriasis.  It immediately relieves stings and itch from insect bites, takes the burn away from sun and wind burn, and also heals minor cuts, burns and childhood “boo boo’s” in record time.  Kids love it because it “makes the hurt go away” and doesn’t sting when it’s applied. It also has been successful for animal applications because it reduces pain and inflammation from flea bites and stops the itch which in turn helps the animal’s skin heal much faster.  There are so many healing applications for Noni Oil, it is difficult to mention them all, but please see our testimonials page for more ideas, our treatment page to help with uses, and of course, we want to hear from you. Please leave us your comments on our customer comments page.

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Our company would love to hear from you.  We would like to know how you use our Noni products, how it worked for you, what you use Noni for, or anything you would like to tell us about our products. Please leave a comment on our customer review page about how one of our Noni products has helped you, so that together we can help others learn about Noni.  Submit a comment and we will give you a 15% discount on your next order. You must be a previous customer, write an honest review after having used our products in the past. Submit your next order using the discount code “i-wrote-a-comment” (minus the quotations) and you will receive 15% off. This offer is good until June 30, 2017.  Please click here to  leave us a testimonial or contact us using the form below.

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