Frequently Asked Questions

What is Noni?
Noni is a very special tree that originated in Asia and the South Pacific and continues to grow prolifically in tropical coastal areas around the globe.
Noni is a tropical medicinal plant with miraculous healing powers
Noni grows abundantly in Hawaii and has spread to tropical areas around the world.  But even to this day, the remarkable medicinal properties of Noni largely remain a secret of the tropics.

How does Noni Work?
Noni rejuvenates damaged cells by targeting and repairing problems at the cellular level.
Noni provides nutrients and antioxidants not readily available from other sources.
Noni was found to have extraordinary bacterialstatic and
anti-fungal properties.
Noni’s prominent attribute is its ability to relieve pain, most notably joint and muscle pain. The natives in the Caribbean named the Noni tree “The Painkiller Tree” and use the leaves of the Noni tree for pain relief.

What is the active ingredient in Noni?
Xeronine is a small but physiologically active alkaloid. An Alkaloid is any of a class of nitrogenous organic compounds of plant origin that perform pronounced physiological functions.
Xeronine has great importance for the proper function of all cells in the body.
Protein compounds have specific binding properties that must be met to enable our bodies to work efficiently. Xeronine has the capability to modify the molecular structure of proteins and this is an essential mechanism for many biological functions.  Xeronine has many health benefits.

Has there been research done on Noni?
In the last ten years or so people have become more aware of the many reported benefits of this miraculous plant. Studies involving Morinda Citrifolia have recently exploded, and research into Noni’s healing attributes revealed startling results. Western scientists have found that Noni stimulates the immune system, and is believed to act at the cellular level regulating cell function, targeting and repairing damaged cells. It appears that Noni allows the cells to “accept” the nutrients they need to grow and function normally. We can be assured that as we speak there are more studies going on exploring the benefits and cures for many different aliments using noni.
According to some studies, a chemical component found in the root of the noni plant has a very high rate of success in treating cancer by changing abnormal cancer cells to normal cells.
In Hawaii and the Caribbean, many people witnessed others curing themselves of cancer by making and drinking Noni juice.

What are the traditional uses and history of the Noni plant?
In ancient times, Noni fruit was widely used as a food source in times of scarcity, but it was the healing power of the noni tree that held the secrets to robust health in primitive societies.
The benefits of noni have been known for over 2000 years in the South Pacific. Centuries ago, medicine men used noni for a cure-all. The ancient Polynesians felt that Noni was so important that they transported the revered plant thousands of miles over vast oceans by canoe when migrating to new lands. These ancient people brought with them only items that were vital to their survival, and Noni was one of the plants they could not live without. Modern day Pacific Islanders rely on Noni as a natural healer, re-affirming the ancient tradition. Every part of the Morinda Citrifolia tree, including the roots, stems, bark, leaves, flowers, and fruit are used for healing. Noni is the active ingredient in various combinations of nearly 40 known herbal remedies of the South Pacific.  Isn’t it comforting to know that the active ingredient in your remedy is a natural plant based substance rather than a dangerous chemically produced drug with a myriad of side effects? Noni’s curative powers have stood the test of time by restoring health to people suffering from a wide range of ailments and illnesses. Noni seems to fit the profile for promoting health and wellness and is often used to maintain robust health. A vast majority of the general public is becoming less of a pill-popping society and more willing to explore and embrace natural remedies. And Noni is the perfect remedy because it has the benefit of treating so many different afflictions, and has stood the test of time. Clinical and pharmacological knowledge of Noni is still emerging and findings are promising. We are beginning to understand Noni’s potential as it relates to modern health and healing.

How we discovered Noni and began making Healing Oil of Noni:
While living and working as a physical therapist in the US Virgin Islands for several years, I learned about Noni directly from the native people and the island’s natural healers.  As any native Islander will attest: Place a large, fresh Noni leaf on a painful joint before going to sleep and the next morning the pain is gone!  The discovery that sleeping on a fresh Noni leaf can draw out pain from its source overnight prompted the formulation of Healing Oil of Noni. (For more info please see About Our Company.)
During my time in St Croix, I enjoyed success using natural Noni leaves and botanicals for pain relief with therapy patients. I strongly felt that it should be available to everyone and set out to find a way to make it so. I experimented with Noni to find a way to harness the healing power and incorporate Noni into a useful product. Working together with a Noni Healer, we came up with the idea of a natural oil that can be massaged into the skin to treat pain and other ailments.  We used the freshest, most potent parts of the Noni plant to create our unique Noni products, ensuring optimal healing results. Upon testing the product we found that it not only was an excellent natural pain reducer, it also was a successful treatment for skin rashes, such as contact dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, poison ivy, poison sumac, and many other physical aliments and allergic reactions. Noni Oil relived itching and stinging from insect bites, reduced inflammation, and of course, it was a great moisturizer for eliminating dry skin. People wrote to tell us all the different things they used it for and we gathered some really unusual testimonials, which you can find here. Anything from curing athlete’s foot to healing new tattoos! Baby diaper rash, hornet stings, spider bites, jelly fish stings, skin rashes from prescription medicines, all successfully treated by our Healing Oil of Noni.
All our Noni products are made from the fresh leaves, buds, and fruit of the Noni tree. They are smooth and pure, with no chemical additives, colors or preservatives.
We like to call it “Ancient Island Healing in a bottle” but we should call it “first aid kit in a bottle”. We successfully took a 2000 year old secret and applied it to modern day healing.  Others are trying to copy our formulation and there is no better compliment, however, our fomulation is patent protected and cannot be reproduced.  Copies hardly come close and are often more expensive, so don’t be fooled by imitation Noni Oil!

Where is Healing Oil of Noni sold?
We sell most of our Noni oil online, but we also have several retailers.
Noni Oil can be purchased at:
Select Natural Food and health food stores
Gift shops boutiques and Botanical gardens
Spas, naturopaths and chiropractic offices

Can use Noni Oil on my pet?
Healing Oil of Noni works wonderful for pets!
It is effective for healing skin rashes, hot spots, allergic reactions, and inflammation that can occur with excessive scratching. Noni Oil stops the itch and when the scratching stops you’re pet is on the road to healing. If they lick it off, no problem because it’s all natural. Re apply as needed.

Can Noni Oil be used as a treatment on hair? 
Yes! A few drops in your shampoo will make your hair silky, shiny, and beautiful. Use no more than 1 drop per ounce of shampoo. Also, see the website for detailed descriptions of how to use Healing Oil of Noni to treat various ailments.

What other products are available that contain Noni?
Healing Oil of Noni
Noni Tropical Eye Cream
Natural Noni Astringent (for facial cleansing and to control and eliminate blemishes)
Natural Noni deodorant
Natural Noni Body Powder
100% pure Hawaiian Noni Juice

Has Noni been endorsed by anyone in America?
YES! Noni skin care was featured on the Dr. Oz Show. He discussed the use of Noni for anti aging applications, multiple ways of healing, pain relief, reducing inflammation, and many other ideas. Dr Oz went into detail about the traditional medicinal uses of Noni for over 2000 years. He pointed out the success of the Noni plant to bring about visible changes in appearance, such as decreased facial lines, improved complexion, pain relief. reduced inflammation and appetite control.