Natural Noni Botanical Astringent

Our Natural Noni Botanical Toners are made for normal or problem skin types. Each formula cleans deeply yet gently, leaving skin vibrant and glowing with health.  We add natural Noni to our astringents taking advantage of the healing properties of this extraordinary medicinal plant.  Noni is the key ingredient that successfully heals skin irritations, from simple blemishes to full scale breakouts and acne while calming inflammation.  Our Noni Botanical Toners have become the first choice for natural skin cleansing, minimizing breakouts and healing acne. The scent is beautifully addicting and made from therapeutic grade essential oils.

*This product contains pure alcohol which helps fight bacteria.

Natural Noni Botanical Astringent

Natural Noni Botanical Astringent


Available in 2 scented formulas:
Normal and problem skin

4 oz Rose Lavender…    ……..$15.50
(Normal skin formula)

4 oz Tea Tree Rosemary ……..$15.50
(Problem skin formula)

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