To assure ourselves that Noni really does work, we did our own clinical testing, both in and out of the lab.  We passed out samples of our Healing Oil of Noni to everyday folks, asking them to use our product for healing purposes on whatever they felt they needed, giving them guidance only in reference to the uses passed down by ancient people from distant lands.  On this page you will find a few of the comments we received, unsolicited, from our test subjects and our customers.

There have been so many testimonials, we could not possible post them all, but we are always interested in hearing from our customers. If you have used our Noni Oil and were happy with the results, or if you experienced spontaneous healing by using one of our products, especially when treating an aliment that you do not see here, we are very interested in hearing from you.  Please help others by sharing your healing story.  We hope you will fill out our form on the Customer Review page. You can also click the link on the bottom of this page to add your testimonial. Feedback from our customers is important and we want to hear from you!

Scroll down to the ailment you are interested in for informationon how Noni Oil has helped others.

Shoulder Pain

“I bought Noni Oil at a health food store and used it half thinking it would not work. I recently had surgery for a rotator cuff tear, and the pain in my shoulder was so severe it kept me up most of the night. I had not slept in over a week until I massaged my painful shoulder with the Noni Oil and it was the first time I was able to sleep through the night since the injury and surgery. I called and ordered another bottle for myself and had 2 more bottles of Noni Oil sent to my daughters in Florida and South Carolina. It was a miracle, and now I am a believer.”

Judith A., New York, NY

Back Pain

“I started using Healing Oil of Noni after buying a bottle in Hawaii. I heard about the health benefits of Noni but never tried it. My husband suffers from back pain from an old injury and we were told by one of the locals to sleep on a noni leaf. We thought it was crazy, but tried it anyway. It worked beautifully! We bought a bottle of Noni Oil in a health food store in Kona and now we have the healing power of the Noni tree in our medicine cabinet at home. We reach for the Noni Oil whenever there is a flare up of back pain. I use it after showering to keep my skin soft and silky. I love it, and don’t want to be without it. Now I buy it online, but I wish I could buy it locally.”

Doreen G., Vancouver, Canada

Acute Leg Pain

“I wanted to tell you a Noni story. I was at a school function for my daughter and was sitting in a child-sized chair at a school cafeteria table. As I stood up, I was mortified when I caught my foot on the small table leg and fell straight to the floor, banging my shin on the table. It hurt like crazy, but due to my utter embarrassment, I tried to ignore it, pretending I was OK. I went immediately to the ladies room, and thank goodness I had a small bottle of Noni Oil in my purse. I applied the oil generously to my painful shin and rubbed it in. My leg felt instantly better, and within 5 minutes the pain was 95% gone and I was able to resume activity for the rest of the day pain free. I did have a big lump on my leg, but minimal pain and swelling because of the rapid response of the Noni. I love Noni Oil and I use it for everything. Even my kids ask for “Noni” when they have a “boo boo”. Why? Because it works and they know it!”

Diane M., San Diego, CA

Sprained Ankle

My husband is a firefighter in NY City and one day he sprained his ankle jumping off the rig and landing wrong. He came home with a severe swollen ankle the size of a baseball. He was told to elevate and ice it, but that did not seem to be helping much. It was extremely inflamed and painful. I decided to try your Noni Oil, and carefully rubbed it all over his painful swollen foot. The next morning I could not believe my eyes! His ankle was back to normal, and my husband said he had little or no pain. I was hesitant to attribute the quick results to the Noni oil, and decided to go with the recommended treatment of elevation and ice, foregoing the Noni oil. To our horror, the ankle swelled up once again, proving to us that it was indeed the Noni Oil that did the trick. Once we applied more Noni oil the swelling went down again. For the next 3 days he stayed off it, doctors orders, but the ankle healed in record time and my husband was back to work.
Now many of the firefighters use Noni Oil.

Stephanie F., Middletown, NY


“I bought Noni Oil for my mother because I heard that it worked for joint pain. She has Lupus, a serious condition that affects her entire body, but mostly suffers from bouts of joint pain and inflammation. When she is having severe flare-ups she is often confined to a wheelchair. The Noni Oil not only treated her pain, but also reduced the inflammation in her joints. We were astounded to discover that when the swelling went down in her knees, she was able to walk again. We always have Noni Oil on hand, and it has lessened the effects of Lupus by reducing the joint inflammation and the pain level. We always buy the largest bottle we can, and are very thankful for this special healing plant called Noni.”

Beverly H., Kingston, NY

Rash from Prescription Drugs

“My mother has cancer and the medications she is on cause her to break out in horrible skin rashes. After experimenting with many different products, she tried Healing Oil of Noni, and the rash disappeared in a couple days. She needs to re-apply the oil regularly to keep the rash at bay, but it is so much better now that we found this healing oil. Thank you for a wonderful product. Why doesn’t’ everyone know about this great product?”

Richard L., Trenton, New Jersey


“I never heard of Noni before, but now that I have tried it, I will never pass up a product that contains Noni again! I have been suffering with psoriasis for many years. I tried so many different products, natural remedies, over the counter products, and even got several different prescription drugs from my doctor, but nothing worked. It was to the point where I had no choice but to live with the unsightly skin condition. I just had to accept the dry itchy patches on my upper arms and neck and cover up as much as possible to avoid embarrassment. It was without much faith that I tried Healing Oil of Noni, and to my surprise, my psoriasis had improved within 2 weeks of daily application of the oil. I continued to apply the oil every day and soon it dried up and even the itchiness was gone. I still have occasional outbreaks, and use the Noni Oil when I do to minimize them, but this was the best remedy I had ever found for my horrible skin condition, and I am comfortable wearing short sleeves, and no longer dread warm months. Best of all, it’s natural, and I don’t have to worry about putting chemicals in my body or on my skin! Thank you. Do you make it by the gallon?”

Sarah P., Hunter, NY


“I used Healing oil of Noni on my baby, who had eczema since birth. I tried everything, including Burt’s Bees and other natural lotions and creams to calm the rash. When that didn’t work I went to my pediatrician and he prescribed a hydrocortisone cream. I was hesitant to use something so harsh on her sensitive skin, but tried it anyway. It didn’t work. The eczema was mostly in the creases of her wrist and feet, behind her knees and on her back and stomach. She would often rub herself on the floor to scratch her back. I knew it was bothersome and I tried everything I could think of. When someone suggested Noni Oil, I decided to try it. I gave my baby a massage with Noni oil, and in a couple of days the eczema was gone. Her skin was soft and beautiful, like the baby skin it should be after only one application. I now give my baby a “noni massage” regularly to keep her skin soft and prevent the problem from returning. I went to my local health food store and insisted they carry the oil, so that I will never be without it.”

Mary T., Rosendale, NY

Eczema Outbreak from Prescription Medication

“I got a bad case of eczema as a side effect from taking a prescription drug and I could not get rid of it even after stopping the medication. I had dry patches of eczema all over my body. They were red, raised, itchy, flakey and unsightly. I started putting Noni Oil on the patches every day out of pure desperation, and to my utter surprise they started drying up and shrinking within 3 days. The redness lessened and they were no longer itchy. A few more days of application of your Noni Oil and soon there were hardly any spots left. Most were undetectable. I have included pictures of an outbreak on my inner elbow before and after using Noni Oil because the results were so miraculous. Nothing else worked, but this oil seemed to heal the patches effortlessly. Thank you for such a miracle product. I use it on everything I can think of now!”

Rash before Noni Oil Use

Rash before Noni Oil Use

After Using Noni Oil for a few days

After Using Noni Oil for a few days

Bill G., Woodstock, NY

Dry Skin and Painful Knees

“I used Noni Oil to help heal dry cracked skin on my knees. The Noni Oil went to work immediately, and I was surprised at how fast the dry skin healed. It was back to normal, softer than it had been for a long time within a few days. And the Noni Oil also helped stop the knee pain I was having from too much kneeling. I now use Noni Oil as an after shower body moisturizer and it keeps my skin very soft. No more dry skin. I love your oil!”

Tonya F., Kingston, NY

Dry Cracked Heels

“I have to admit, I was a non believer, but I tried a sample of the Noni out of sheer desperation. I had no other options at the moment, and since it was available, I used it on my heels, which have been cracked and dry for over a year. I was amazed when the cracks that I suffered with for so long were significantly better the same day. I used it again, and the dry cracked skin was healed in less than a week. I can’t believe it worked so well, which is why I am writing to you!”

Marjorie A., St Croix, US Virgin Islands

Testimonials Regarding Poisonous Plants:

Poison Sumac

“I am extremely allergic to poison sumac and suffer whenever I come in contact with it. I often break out in hives when I accidentally brush against it. The last time it happened I used your oil and the pain went away almost immediately. I did not get the typical swelling and redness, and I have to say that it barely itched at all. When it did, I just applied the oil, and the itch went away. Also the effects did not last as long as it usually does. I was very impressed with the Noni Oil. I don’t want to be without it, just in case I find myself with an outbreak of poison sumac.”

Kevin R., Allentown, PA

Poison Ivy

“As a mail carrier, I get poison ivy regularly. I was on all kinds of medication for months and nothing worked to relieve the itch and pain. It seemed like it was getting worse instead of better, despite the medications I got from my doctor. I used your Noni Oil on the poison ivy breakout on my arms and legs as per your suggestion. I rubbed the oil in every few hours and within 2 days all signs of poison ivy were virtually gone. I gave some to other mail carriers who work with me to try. They all love it and we all want to buy more.”

Leslie L., Mail Carrier, Kingston, NY

Poison Ivy

“I am constantly suffering with poison ivy. If it is anywhere near me I break out. One day my dog got into it and when I petted him, I broke out with a severe case on my upper arm and on the side of my stomach. It was red, raised and itchy. I began putting Noni Oil on my upper arm, but neglected to put it on my stomach area because it was out of sight. To my amazement, the outbreak on my arm dried up and disappeared within one day, but the untreated area on my stomach was still there 5 days later. It was an unplanned experiment when the Noni Oil cured the poison ivy on my arm, because without the Noni treatment, the lesions were still there on my stomach area, red, inflamed, itchy and irritated days later.”

Eric B., Albany, NY

Testimonials Regarding Insect Bites:

Spider Bite

“I tried your Noni Oil on a spider bite on the top of my hand. It was painful, red and swollen twice the size. I could hardly tolerate touching it, but I lightly massaged some Noni Oil into it, and within 15 minutes the pain was completely gone and the swelling was down to almost normal. I couldn’t believe it. What’s in that stuff?”

Sandy S., Windham, NY

Bee Sting

“I was amazed at the results from using your noni oil on a bee sting. I was in the pool with my 2 year old daughter when she was stung on her arm by a bee. She screamed bloody murder and I didn’t know what to do. A friend of mine had Noni Oil and said she had used it on bug bites before. We applied a small amount of the oil to the bee sting. Within 2 minutes the crying stopped and she resumed playing as though nothing had happened. Later, there was a small red spot where the bee stung her, but it did not appear to bother her anymore. I did not see her scratch or touch the site. It was truly amazing.”

Sarah D., Kingston, NY

Bee Sting

“When my 8 year old daughter, Gracie got stung by a bee, 4 year old Chrissy ran in and asked me to get the “the oil to make the bite feel better!”

“After the fiasco of the bee sting was over, (the sting was gone in 5 minutes or less) my 10 year old daughter, Rachael turned to me and said ‘Mom, do you know why I love Noni Oil? Because it makes everything feel better!’ Out of the mouths of babes!”

Stephanie F., Middletown, NY

Mosquito Bites

“I used Healing Oil of Noni on my children when they have mosquito bites. Often they are scratching in the middle of the night, and this not only keeps them awake, it also causes bleeding sores on their skin from all the scratching. Rubbing in a few drops of Noni Oil takes the itch away almost immediately, and rarely requires a second application. I really like this oil because it works so well on so many things. I have yet to find anything that takes away itching and “boo boo” pain as quickly as Noni Oil does, and the best part is that it is all natural and I feel safe applying it to their skin.”

Marcy S., Saugerties, NY

Testimonials from Sea Critter Stings:

Fire Coral (My Favorite Personal Noni Story)

“I was scuba diving in the Caribbean and on ascend I brushed my arm up against some fire coral on the bow line. It was so painful I began to get tears in my eyes underwater, fogging up my mask, but could not shoot to the surface for obvious reasons. Once on the boat I asked the captain if he had anything for fire coral stings. He handed me this thick white first aid cream. “This wont do it”, I said to my husband. Then I remembered that I had a small bottle of Noni oil in my bag. I rubbed the Noni Oil on the fire coral sting. Fire coral is VERY painful, but within 5 minutes, 95% of the pain was gone. I could still feel the sting, but just barely. I continued to apply the oil throughout the day, and it stopped the pain, itch, and swelling. In addition, the sting did not develop into a thick red scar that I typically got in the past. Now I won’t go scuba diving without it, and I share my Noni Oil whenever anyone else on the dive boat gets stung by any sea critter!”

Donna G., St Croix, US Virgin Islands, (founder of Noni Island Herbals)

Jelly Fish Sting

“While on a cruise vacation I got stung by a jelly fish in Belize when we were snorkeling. The sting was very painful and left a large raised red mark on my leg. I was in so much pain I could hardly walk. I bought some Noni Oil at the sundries store on board the cruise ship. Thank God I found this amazing oil! I applied some Noni Oil on the sting and rubbed it into my skin. In a matter of minutes the stinging was almost completely gone and within 15 minutes there was little or no pain from the sting. The next day I could not find where the sting had been, it disappeared completely. There was no scar and not a sign of anything, as though it never happened. I am going to see if I can get a store in my area to sell it So glad there is a website!”

Cathy W., New Orleans, LA

Sea Urchin

“I stepped on a sea urchin and it was very painful. Once we got the spine out, I put Noni oil on it and it was much better. It worked very fast, and saved the day.”

Melana K., Hawaii Kai, Island of Ohau, Hawaii


“When I got a tattoo on my ankle, it really hurt. Before I left the tattoo parlor I was told to put Lubriderm lotion on it to help keep it moisturized. I knew that the lotion wouldn’t do anything for the pain, and the tattoo felt like a bad sunburn. I recently purchased Noni Oil at a health food store, and used it on a skin problem, so I tried the Noni Oil on my tattoo. Not only did the Noni Oil relieve the pain almost immediately, it also decreased the inflammation and preserved the color of my tattoo beautifully. The tattoo artist told me that the color would fade a bit as it healed, but mine was as bright and colorful as the day it was applied. My tattoo artist was impressed and now he wants to sell Noni Oil in his store for other tattoo customers. I gave them your website, hope you don’t mind!”

Sandy F., Long Island, NY

“Before leaving the Tattoo parlor, I was given instructions on how to care for my newest tattoo.  This tattoo artist told me to use A&D ointment but instead I used Noni oil, because I had success using it in the past on back pain and other ailments.  I was amazed at how incredible the Noni Oil worked on my tattoo!  First of all, the pain completely went away within 5 minutes of applying the oil.  A tattoo feels like a very bad sunburn, but I felt no pain once I rubbed in the Noni Oil.  The best part was that the tattoo healed in about 5 days, with no infection and no inflammation.  It was a large tattoo, and the colors preserved beautifully.  The last tattoo I got was very swollen and painful.  My two teenage kids got tattoos after that, and I told them to use the Noni Oil.  We all have really attractive tattoos as a result of the oil.  Tattoos are quite pricey, so it is great to have a product that you know will work and keep your tattoo looking vibrant and new, your skin soft and infection-free all while helping ease the pain for a great price.  Thank you!”

Charlie R., Kingston, NY

Miscellaneous Testimonials:

Athlete’s Foot

“I often get Athlete’ Foot and decided to try Noni Oil to relieve the itching. Almost immediately the itching went away. I continued to apply the Noni oil and to my amazement, the dry cracked skin was gone in three days. Normally it takes 1 to 2 weeks to go away and it was completely resolved, not a trace, in three days.”

Jonathon H., Kingston NY

Breast Implants/Adrenal Fatigue

“Weeks after I had silicone breast implants I became very ill with flu like symptoms, so within six months and after exhausting all other diagnostic possibilities, I finally had them removed. Three months later, I was still not feeling well and was diagnosed with ‘Adrenal Fatigue.’ As a last resort, I turned to Noni for relief of my on-going flu like symptoms. I started using the Noni oil for all over joint pain and then started drinking Noni juice for all my other flu like symptoms like exhaustion and insomnia — within 2-3 months, I was back to feeling 100% healthy again!! I believe the implants caused the Adrenal Fatigue; however, having them explanted in conjunction with using the Noni products gave me back my excellent health.
A million thanks!!!”

(Person requested that her name and other identifying information be withheld)

Puffy Eyes

“I was at your booth at a recent show and sampled your Miracle Eye Cream. That day I was quite tired and my eyes were very puffy, so I tried a sample at your booth. I put a small amount under my eyes, and walked away. I looked at myself in a mirror, and could not believe what I saw! In less that 15 minutes the puffiness under my eyes was completely gone, and I looked rested and alert, even though I didn’t feel that way. It really was a miracle, and I looked for you, but it was too late. Glad I took a card so I could contact you, since I live far away! I am writing to tell you that I want to order your eye cream, both for myself and for my store.
Thank you.”

Susan R., Somerset, NJ

From the Mouths of Babes:

“My kids always ask me for “the oil that makes the hurt go away” whenever they fall, scrape their knee or get bit by a mosquito!”


Jennifer C., Middletown, NY