What is Noni?

Come, discover the healing power of Noni!

Our products contain a special ingredient called ‘Noni’, known in the scientific world as “Morinda citrifolia“. Some people have never heard of Noni, especially those who live in northern climates. Noni is a very special tree that originated in Asia and the South Pacific and continues to grow prolifically in tropical coastal areas across the globe.  The medicinal uses of the Noni tree were well known centuries ago when the ancient Polynesians transported the revered Noni plant by canoe on their long over-seas journey to Hawaii. Thousands of years ago, this medicinal plant was considered essential for survival in the new land, and native people relied on the healing properties of Noni for its curative uses and for maintaining robust health. This wondrous plant has stood the test of time, as modern day Pacific Islanders use Noni extensively for health and healing.

At Noni Island Herbals, we have taken the ancient secret of the Noni tree and harnessed the healing powers into skin care products that are not only nourishing and moisturizing to the skin, but also have the capacity to heal.  For centuries, Polynesian women have used Noni for care of their skin, and continue the practice today.  Their beautiful, youthful skin is testimony to the youth enhancing and healing attributes of Noni.

Noni grows abundantly in Hawaii and has spread to tropical areas around the world.  But even to this day, the remarkable medicinal properties of Noni largely remain a tropical secret. Our Noni Oil is custom blended from the leaves and botanicals of the Noni tree grown on tropical islands where Noni grows abundantly and prolifically, and is hand-picked by Noni Masters. We use only the freshest, most potent parts of the Noni plant to create our unique Noni products, ensuring optimal healing results.
Doesn’t your skin deserve the healing and aging defying effects of Noni?